Hello (mobile) World And Future Tribe Leaders!

Today is the day that marks the launch of our very own blog. But what`s even more important is that we have also launched our brand new profile page with lot`s of awesome features that I`d like to review in this post. I`ll come back to the profile page and especially the tribe leader part in the heading in a bit.

The MTP blog is launched with two goals in mind. Firstly we will keep you updated on the mobile scene from our own viewpoint. We don`t get into how many Mhz faster is the chip in this new model compared to the previous one or how much RAM it has. We will tell you if it`s any good for social media use, customizations, gaming and so on. We will have in-house reviews and give you the news that you care about. Ofcourse we will keep you updated on MyTinyPhone doings.

Secondly we are here for you. We want to help you out with everything that`s even remotely related to mobile phones. Problems with apps, you want to get a live video feed of your grandmother on your phone or simply ask what new phone has the most bang for the buck…just send us a message via email or reply to any blog post you find and we`ll get on it!

OK, now let`s talk about the long-awaited profile page of which we are quite proud of. Sure it probably has some bugs that we didn`t manage to catch but hey, that`s where you can help us out. If you find something that is not working or just seems wrong then tell us and we`ll get busy fixing it right away (or in a week at least!).

Firstly the most obvious feature is the new profile page starting with the Facebook like wall which keeps track of everything you and your friends do on the site. You`ll see what`s sizzling hot right now and you can get it right away. You can also comment on updates from your friends or on your own activities. Just hit “Subscribe to user” after clicking users avatar and you`ll be connected. This is an awesome way to easily find new friends with similar interests. Check out who has downloaded your favorite ringtones and subscribe to them. There are lot`s of awesome people here on MTP, get connected!

We have also made it a lot easier for you to really give your profile page your own personality. You can upload way more pictures of yourself or just pictures of whatever you think is worth sharing. We have also made the interests page a little bit better to see so please take a minute to fill it out so that whoever is visiting your profile can see how freaking awesome you really are!
Bring your friends along! Now you have the option to invite your Facebook or Gmail (and basically friends from every social network and email providers known to mankind) contacts to join you in MyTinyPhone with a click of a button.

Now, let`s get to the most interesting part…

We`ll roll out very soon a little thing called MyTinyPhone`s social alerts. Although at first glance this seems like a small widget to keep your non-MyTinyPhone friends updated with your doings here, very much like the wall does inside MTP what it actually can do to an advanced user is much much more. But I´ll get more into it when it`s finished and fully working. Let`s just say that there is an opportunity to create something you can later make money off from.

Finally look at this awesome anteater.

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