A Beginners Guide To Monetize Your Facebook Page (with MyTinyPhone.com!)

In this post, i`m going to show you an example on how to use MyTinyPhone.com (MTP) to create your own Facebook page and how to fill it with content constantly and finally how to make money from it.

Firstly you need to create a Facebook group.

Log in to your FB account, look on the left side and find where it says Groups. Click on it and then select “Create a Group”

Fill out everything you can and make it sound like THE place for the freshest mobile related content on the web.

Now go to your MTP profile page and click on “Social alerts” and add your Facebook account to it. Since the social alert thingy is not really ready yet then your updates will only be shown on your own wall and you will have to copy them to your page wall. What you should do here is that you reply to your own wall post by saying something like “Check out my Mobile Media page for more free apps and games etc…[link].

Do NOT invite your friends to join just yet. Create some content there first!

Find your niche! Funny pictures, videos or useful apps, games, mobile security related stuff etc… be creative!

Find latest news about the topic and post in on the wall. Write a guide on how to solve some problems (search “problem with[keyword]).

Add YouTube videos to it or better yet create your own. Now create or find related wallpapers, ring tones, themes etc and add them all via MTP. They can also be used to advertise your page, just include a link to you somewhere!  Then upload useful apps and games to your MTP account. All these get directly sent to your wall!

Now you have created a viable source of information. All that’s left is to find people to join it!

Be sure that you have named the page well so that it comes up in the Facebook search easily. Send invitations to all your friends. Advertise it in related communities.

In addition search the keywords related to your topic in Google and find places in where you can advertise your page.

You can also buy some Facebook ad space. If your keyword has low competition then it`s quite cheap and if you have some money to invest then do so.

Once you have some followers you can start to monetize your page.

First sign up with Google Adsense, that way you will earn revenue for ads placed on your YouTube videos that people click. This is called PPC.

Another way is to sell views. People are willing to buy views to their YouTube videos to get them to rank better. You can sell these in eBay for an example. A simple Google search “buy YouTube views” will show you many additional places.

Paid surveys. You can get paid a lot of money if people fill out the surveys you referred them to. This is called CPA. You can start from here.

Affiliate marketing! Just head over to Clickbank and find related affiliate products. Make sure that they really are good and post a review of them in the wall with a link to purchase. If you`d prefer to promote “real” products then also Amazon has an affiliate program.

You can not use the last two methods often as people don`t really like to be sold things but if you keep the amount of useful and cool free things you offer high then you can get away with a few very profitable affiliate links once in a while. Just be sure that you don`t overdo it.

The Youtube way is a good thing to do often as it`s quite safe. Facebook is getting more and more strict about people using their fb pages to promote affiliate products and anything similar. Be sure to use these methods with caution as it`s quite easy to get your page closed. Make sure that your followers are happy so that they`ll not report the little bit shady links you send out once in a while.

If you are serious about making money online with the niche you selected then you should keep the Facebook page only for free stuff and news. When you find that you have enough followers start your own blog about the niche and connect the two. Then you can use the blog to advertise all the stuff that makes you money and the facebook page to keep people around who want the free stuff and who will bring in more fans (likers?).

Final Jedi anteater tip – People make loads of money from iPhone clones. Find a place that does dropshipping (like this one) and set up your own iPhone clone business!

Sign up with PayPal and make a sellers account (real easy) then create a button that you place on your blog or just create a plain sales page which you can shout out in FB. When they purchase the phone you`ll get all the shipping info you need to order the phone from the original seller and make decent money for basically doing nothing!

Be creative, says the Jedi!
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