New AWESOME Updates on MyTinyPhone!

Hey hey hey, as always we have some kickass news for you. We completely redid our “Search” function.

What this means is that when you do a search on our search page you`ll actually search all the content of YouTube and you can turn those videos right into ringtones with the click of a button. Also you can do the same with Flickr pictures and turn those suckers right into wallpapers! No more downloading files, uploading them again, re-downloading… . With one search you`ll get access to millions of videos and pictures and have them on your phone with just a few clicks!

IF THIS ISN`T AWESOME THEN I DON`T KNOW WHAT IS!?! (except anteaters ofcourse)

Also we apologize for the site being down for a while in the last week :( but we believe that we have it fixed now and better than ever!




Yeah BlackBerrys are frickin` cool and we love them too! We have been very busy adding new content especially for BlackBerry users! Check out these BlackBerry themes and be on the lookout for more soon to come!  We are listening to all you BB people out there who are telling us that we need to be more BlackBerry friendly!

Oh and here`s an anteater with a BlackBerry playing ice hockey.


  1. axel says:

    what`s the dealio with the anteater:D

  2. Martin says:

    i also find myself often wondering about the anteater.

    maybe you have your own theories ?

  3. Shannon says:

    I can’t get the site to open, I keep getting an error message.

  4. Martin says:

    Can you please explain a little bit what exactly is causing the error?

    Which site ( or, on the home page or on ringtone page, after what action does the error message appear, what does it say, can you maybe make a screenshot of it, etc… Also on which browser are you viewing it on?

    Thank you :)

  5. Essay Writer says:

    WOW this is awesome.

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