Finding Out The Best Blackberry Browser

Since we have seen a rapidly growing amount of Blackberry users visiting our site I decided to find out which browser is currently the best BlackBerry browser available. For testing I used a brand new Blackberry 9700 Bold (v5.0.586) with Wi-Fi connection.  In addition to the BlackBerry HotSpot browser I`ll be testing the Opera Mini 5.0, Bolt 2.10 and a brand new uZard Web 2.0.3 which is still in BETA stadium and it`s results shouldn`t be taken too seriously.  All browsers are used in their default settings.

Let`s start the test by comparing the startup time.

The Blackberry browser is the clear winner here since it loads instantly. Opera Mini takes the longest but since it packs the most features it is to be expected. Also the uZard Web loads up extremely fast considering the fact that this is still a beta version.

For our second test I chose my local bank`s home page since it`s quite large in size and very complex for a web page. There is no mobile version when visiting it from a phone so it`s quite a handful. Since we are running the browsers in their default settings then the uZard gets its long loading time from the fact that it`s the only browser that can(and will!) display the huge flash banner in the top of the web page. Opera Mini clearly wins this match being the fastest browser by far and also the way it displays the huge html page is by far the most convenient. The Bolt comes second. If the Opera manages to reorder the page so that you wouldn`t even know there is a huge banner in the middle of the page then the Bolt just leave a huge blank space there which is not the best way to handle the situation. Blackberrys own browser creates a load of different scrollable side-bars and makes the page very difficult to navigate. Opera Mini takes this round and Blackberrys own browser is the worst of the bunch in this test.

For the third test I`ll log in to the bank account so that the browser starts to use secure connection. Even though there are no big flash banners or images here the uZard has a really hard time handling the situation but finally manages to come through. Again, Opera Mini is the fastest.

Finally I fire up our very own MyTinyPhone main page. Keep in mind that we have a mobile version located at so there is basically no need for you to load our big page on your mobile! Although the Blackberry browser seems to finally shine here it botches up the page leaving a huge white area right in the middle of the page. This is something that we need to look into from our own side as well but all the other browsers managed to display the site correctly.  Both Bolt and uZard show the page as it`s supposed to be but Opera for some reason only gives a zoomed in version so in this test i`d say that the Bolt is the one I`d choose.

The newest kid on the block the beta version of the uZard Web shows some promise with its flash support but comes off as slow and awkward.

Although Bolt performs quite well and even has tabbed browsing it felt to me a bit too robust and unresponsive at times.

Blackberrys own browser is the one i`d choose if I needed to check out something really quickly as it loads up instantly but for anything heavier the Opera Mini is the one to choose. Even though it takes quite a while to boot up it packs a heavy punch and manages to be extremely easy to use.

Keep in mind that this was all done with Wi-Fi connection, for 3G the results may be totally different and I`ll test that out soon.

Finally here`s a happy anteater with his Opera – currently the best BlackBerry browser available:

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