Find your personality ringtone + brand new custom A-Team ringtone, mudsucka!!

With the new A-Team movie hitting the theaters we have made you a very special treat – Mr.T custom ringtone! It has the good old Mr.T in it so it`s as oldschool as possible so you know that it`s good. Even the badass BAnteater likes it so you`d better!

Click here to download Mr.T custom ringtone!

Personality ringtone

As you know we are constantly giving out awesome stuff for free and our latest creation is a personality test that gives you the ringtone that suits your personality best! (hopefully). You need to answer a series of questions and from your answers it`ll give you a special ringtone that is the best match for you.

Anyway go check the MyTinyPhone`s Personality Ringtone out it`s pretty cool.

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  1. Laflakadegto says:

    This is a really cool site.i love it. its awsome..=]

  2. paula says:

    i loved it

  3. fatman6 says:

    its great my kids love when dad sends them stuff

  4. lily says:

    its pretty cool. :)

  5. maryy says:

    i lovee itt(:
    but i didd tryy too gett freebirdd att a goodd pointt andd everyonee hadd weirdd versionss…sooo iff someonee cann findd thee full freebirdd forr mee i’d lovee itt(: myy email

  6. MyBack says:

    WTF. that’s Mister T in as a By the way, i love your free ringtones site. I use it all the time. Keep up the good work and keep it free all the time…LOL….

  7. Kersti says:

    Oh, looks really like B.A. from the A-team as chipmunk actor. Is it possible to see his van in this size?

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