Guest review: Paul on Endomondo

Hi MyTinyPhone`s blog readers: )

Today is the first day when one of MyTinyPhones regular user makes a blog post. Paul contacted us and wanted to pitch in and write a review of a Blackberry app and we are more than happy to let him do that. And if you guys have something to say let us know and we`ll publish you:)

Now, without further ado.. here`s Pauls review:


Have you ever been running or cycling and having no clue just how much miles have your eager little legs covered, i know i have. Some clever dudes have developed Endomondo app that solves that issue and more.
The deal is simple- download the app – can direct you to the appropriate app store, install, register an account, put on a funky headband and start running.
Start the app and select your sport: running cycling, skiing or whatever you are doing and press start.

Endomondo tracks your route by gps and when you finish the app uploads the results and you can see them when logged in to It`s that easy.
The cool thing is that besides time and distance you can see the characteristics of the entire workout. The clever chart at the bottom shows you the graph of the speed and the altitude change during the run- cool eh. The route is displayed on google maps and the most awesom thing about this app is that you can see training routes of other people around you so discovering better places for workout is supereasy end if you want to meet sporty singles then you can accidentally end up on the same jogging route as the cute girl that lives two blocks away;)


  1. Playbook says:

    That looks like a really useful app, god knows how they figured it out, but I was wondering if it can track a rowing machine? My monitor broke and I don’t want to fork out for another

  2. Tammy Taylor says:

    This app is not free as it advertises the cost is $9.99 a month .they do not have the ability to make refunds.I’m not happy due to its false advertisment

  3. David says:

    I really like that app. I was looking for something like this a while back, will definitely check this out now. Thanks for the review.

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